Sanjiban Biomass power plant – our commitment to protect the environment

We are setting up a 1.5 MW bio-mass based renewable energy plant , where woodchips is heated in a controlled environment to produce a gas which drives an engine to produce electricity. It is a green energy project as there is no carbon emission.
It will ensure uninterrupted power supply to the hospital.

  • The surplus will be sold to the electricity board.
  • Waste heat will be used to provide air-conditioning as well as running laundry and kitchen.
  • Activated charcoal, a by-product has a huge market in pharmaceutical and research industry, water treatment plant, also used as fertiliser and low smoke fuel.

This also shows our commitment to protect the environment.

Continuing Medical Education

Organising Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Rural Medical Practitioners (RMP) to update them with necessary theoretical and technical knowledge.

Screening Camps

Committed to work for prevention of diseases, we are conducting screening camps in various districts of West Bengal.